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Sunday, July 23, 2017

January 2013

Olivia Palermo Stylecrush: Lace

By Kelly Ferguson January 28, 2013 No comments

Olivia Palermo, Lace Elliatt Ivy Dress


Olivia Palermo, style icon. Personally, Olivia Palermo is one of my favourite style icons. If you have ever watched an episode of “The City” you may have regarded her as somewhat prickly. When I watched this series I must admit, I wasn’t a fan of her at all. But one cannot deny her sense of style is flawless. She is unashamedly beautiful and knows how to accessorise like no one else. Whatever look Olivia is sporting, she always manages to radiate elegance and poise. Take a leaf out of her style book with this lace number from Elliatt. Accessorise your outfit with one or two bold colours for a modern twist or for classic elegance stick to neutral accessories and let the dress do the talking.


Love Blooms x

Photo sources: glamourmagazine.co.uk and oliviapalermofashion.blogspot.com.au

The Noosa Interview: An Insight Into An Amazing Brand

By Kelly Ferguson January 24, 2013 No comments

    Robert Schuyff answers some questions about the brand that is taking accessorising to a new level.


    Q. What was the inspiration for Noosa Amsterdam?

    A. Noosa Amsterdam is inspired by a world of mystique and adventure. It all began with a gap in the market for belts that needed to be filled. The result was a product that is adjustable and can be customised for the individual.   



        Q. Who is behind the Noosa Amsterdam brand?

        A. Alette Zeijlstra and Nathalie Mangnus.

        Q. What was the very first Noosa Amsterdam product created?

        A. The very first NOOSA Product created where the Classic skinny & Classic wide in the colours darkbrown, midbrown, naturel and grey.
        The first chunk collection were : Tree of Life, Trispiral, Paulownia Tree, Welcome, Special Place, African Art, Longlife, Pennan, Crossroad, Nazca, Moonsymbol, Arabesque, Ohm symbol, Bumps, Turkoois, Lapis, Agaat, Metal Button, One Eyed Dzi, Batik Stamp.
        Some of them have been revised in materials.

        Q. What products can we expect from Noosa in the future?

        A. We can not tell you anything about our plans in the future. You will just have to wait and see! But we can promise you that were are busy developing beautiful new, innovative, fairtrade, hand made products every day!

        Q. Noosa Amsterdam aims to respect man and nature. What drives this goal?

        A. Our brand is worldly and wants to purchase as fairly as possible. This means fair trade wherever possible. This is a drive we have had since the beginning of the development of the concept – cherish and respect the world and its people around you.

          The current collection of chunks is manufactured almost fully according to these principles, mostly in Nepal. The company that produces them is one of the founders of the Fair Trade Group Nepal. They have been committed to improving the socio-economic situation of the poorest parts of the population since 1991. This is done by creating employment possibilities and offering education.

          Recently, chunks have started to be manufactured in a fully fair trade environment in Peru as well. You can also see this in our video’s.



          See the video of their making here.


          Browse the beautiful range available at Blooms Boutique here.

          How To: Prints

          By Kelly Ferguson January 10, 2013 No comments

          Cooper St Atomic Dress

          Prints can be a fashion obstacle difficult to overcome for many people. There are some simple rules you can follow to begin your road to print perfection. Read on for an easy to follow run down of the basics.



          When putting together an outfit with prints, keep accessories simple if you are wearing bright prints. Stick to neutral and skin tone colours, like the ones featured in the outfit photo above! If your prints are neutral colours, you can afford to add some bright pops of colour to your ensemble, but ensure they are simple in design. Metallics are another great option to try and a great way to tie in another current trend.




          Stick to one print paired with monochrome pieces or denim for an effortless look.



          Always stick to a maximum of two prints when planning your outfit. Make sure there is a common colour or element between the two prints to tie them together. Also try to pick prints that are different in scale as this will ensure the look is not overwhelming.



          Try a “shorts suit” with matching jacket and shorts in the same print paired with a simple white tee for instant summer chic.



          • Baroque
          • Tropical
          • 70’s
          • Digital


          The look featured here is a great way to dip your toes in the prints pool. The Cooper Street "Atomic Dress"  is available here. The accessories are all currently available at the Blooms of East Fremantle boutique.

          Bracelet $35

          Clutch $165

          Belt $29


          Pop into Blooms for more help and start exploring your print potential!

          Love Blooms xx

          Three of Something - An Exciting New Aussie Brand

          By Kelly Ferguson January 1, 2013 2 comments

          Three of Something Clothing


          “A father presents his three sons each with an arrow.  He takes one of the arrows and snaps it easily, demonstrating that one arrow alone is weak and easily broken.  But when three arrows are held together their strength is more than tripled and they become virtually impossible to break.”


          This quote from their website explains a lot about this flourishing new label. Three of Something is the baby of three Australian colleagues, Rebecca Carmody, Jane Kidston and Bree Hay-Hendry. With big dreams to create something different, these ladies came together combining their unique skills to make this edgy new label bound to be successful internationally. Not only are their pieces fresh and inspired, they are reasonably priced too! Their designs are so wearable and have a sense of effortlessness and just fit right into your wardrobe. Browse their range now here. Happy hunting :)


          Love Blooms xx